InTandem provides a variety of services in its operations management practice. Often as a result of the overall strategic work related to compensation and rewards and overall leadership engagements, certain key tactical steps are identified. InTandem implements and manages these steps. These services include:

• Financial analysis
• Accounting systems implementation
• Utility accounting conversion
• Employee training & development
• Communications & branding
• Workflow metrics and projections
• Utility best practices
• Process engineering

Organizational Efficiency Assessment (OEA)

As a manager you must keep your focus on the high level management of the organization. You know some things can be improved, but you just don’t have the time to investigate them. An Organizational Efficiency Assessment (OEA) serves as a strategic diagnostic tool that provides an in-depth analysis of organizational structure, staffing levels, business processes and resulting levels of efficiency and service.

Our OEA technique features a rapid-result, multi-disciplinary team to examine your organizational processes, procedures, policies, and resource deployment. The study reviews critical functional areas of your utility such as engineering, line operations, member services, finance, administration, customer service, information technology and other mission critical functions.

Utilizing our knowledge of best practices, and practical solutions learned through working with hundreds of organizations like yours we develop practical solutions and recommendations that will increase efficiency, reduce costs, and position you to better serve your customers.