InTandem offers SOLUTIONS to many CHALLENGES facing utilities today:

• Non-competitive salary ranges
• Pay plan administration
• Equal pay for equal work compliance
• Linking pay for performance
• Performance management
• Leadership & managerial competency
• Succession planning
• Salary compression
• Knowledge management
• Recruitment & retention

Compensation and Rewards Management

Our approach to base pay utilizes a proven methodology that integrates organizational values, internal job relationships and the external market to establish equitable and competitive reward levels. We work with you to create incentives for your employees that not only motivates but deliver value to your organization.

Custom Analysis & Executive Compensation Planning

We survey and establish appropriate customized packages that can include non-cash entitlements, perquisites, expanded health and welfare benefits, and cash incentives. Executive valuations help to satisfy regulatory entities, executive teams, directors, and community stakeholders.

Performance Development Systems

Competencies drive performance and provide the foundation for employee success and career development. We customize programs to empower your business strategy and strengthen the link between pay and performance.

Knowledgebase Competency Model (KCM)

KCM offers a dynamic business-driven approach to succession management. It prepares your organization for the future by dovetailing process engineering with current and future talent requirements and creates a competency ladder for success.
• Leadership / Competency model
• Process Improvement
• Organizational Development Roadmap
• Identification of Developmental Resources
• Identification of Human Capital Critical Success Factors
• Review of Business Process Efficiency
• Establishing the foundation for Talent Development Initiatives